KKK Vandalizing the Neighborhood

The County Police of Gwinnett is still investigating the KKK vandalism act last 6th of October within the Hamilton Mill neighborhood. The homeowners found reasons to believe that the vandalism might have been originating from racial motivation which can be traced back from the KKK history.


The homeowner of block 3700 at Millwater Crossing immediately called the police after discovering swastika together with the “KKK” letters, believed to be the initials of the Ku Klux Klan, that were spray-painted on the driveway using green spray-paint. The initials “JK” together with the “KKK” were also spray-painted on the same spot. The homeowner, who is an African-American, stated to the officer that she has reasons to believe that her household was targeted by Ku Klux Klan due to their racial characteristics.


During the interview between the homeowner and the patrol officer, another homeowner stated another report claiming he also found a similar KKK vandal in his home. The man claimed that his granddaughter together with her friends invited male acquaintances in his house earlier evening. He believed that the KKK vandals were made by those men. The officer managed to discover places where spray-paints form initials such as “KKK”, “JK,” “NG”, and “BNT” over the roadway and sidewalk.


The neighbor’s granddaughter together with her friends assisted the police by giving the believed KKK suspects’ names. The report of the police states that the initials fit the names of the accused KKK suspects.


The police managed to recover some spray paint cans and a mobile phone which believed to be dropped by a Ku Klux Klan suspect during the act of vandalism. All items were considered as evidences against the members of the KKK. Up to this day, the KKK case is still active.




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Teacher Compares a Romney Gear to a KKK Shirt

“A 16-year old student must not wear a shirt that will show acknowledgement to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan,” this is what a teacher in Philadelphia advocates. Accordingly, wearing such is equal to a person advocating the KKK shirt.


This is the acclaimed logic of the teacher when one of her students wore a Ryan-Romney shirt in their class in Geometry. “I guess she doesn’t like Mitt Romney that much that’s why she did it,” Samantha Pawlucy claimed, the sophomore student who accused her teacher of embarrassing her and motivating her classmates to act the same simply because of the KKK history in the past.


Many experts are fairly critical about the KKK history and how the government sees KKK; however, even these experts cannot comprehend how the teacher acts in a non-KKK related object. “If Samantha’s story was true, because the teacher claims that she was just joking about the KKK related issue, then, this is entirely wrong,” a political analyst explained. “This can be considered as overstep to the Ku Klux Klan that won’t help any student at all.


However, some analysts assumed that the story about KKK-related issues between the teacher and the student is being used against President Barack Obama. Accordingly, the anti-KKK humiliation of the teacher shows how mean the government is. Still, many political experts don’t want people to make a judgment immediately. The two parties have two different stories and weighing each story in relation to the Ku Klux Klan is the best way to approach it.



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The KKK Rallies in Blairsville

BLAIRSVILLE – The KKK, known as the Ku Klux Klan, is planning to display a public rally in Blairsville this coming Saturday.
The KKK’s International Keystone Knights stated in one of their press releases that the Ku Klux Klan has managed to obtain a legal permit coming from the Blairsville’s City, allowing them to meet with other KKK members at the Courthouse of Union County this coming Saturday.
Although the given press release indicates that the KKK members have failed to communicate with the authorities regarding public safety and measures, the Sheriff of the Union County known as Scott Stephens claimed that his deputies together with the entire Fire and police Departments of Blairsville City have managed to meet the organizers of the said KKK rally.
Stephens mentioned that the KKK was assured that the agencies within the local area will be there to provide security and safety not only to KKK members but to all parties present as well.
The Ku Klux Klan members are planning to rally bringing their full regalia by noon. Accordingly, the public demonstration will last for at approximately two hours. The speakers will discuss different issues such as those from the economy, homosexuality, and immigration. This is according to their press release.
The Ku Klux Klan managed to garner the attention of the media after the Transportation’s State Department turned down the KKK’s request to participate in the department’s program called Adopt-A-Highway. The Ku Klux Klan filed its application for the program in Northern Georgia nearby the Northern border of Carolina.




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